“ARCADIA” complex is situated in the most popular Bulgarian sea resort Su...

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Administrative life is concentrated in the new part of Nessebar. The popu...

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*If it is your first time in Bulgaria, it is good for you to know something about general customs in the country e.g.nodding your head means no, and shaking it from left to right means yes.
* Once you have arrived at Burgas and picked up your luggage, you will have to walk through customs. First point to note is that there are certain restrictions with regard to what can/cannot be brought into Bulgaria, one item to be careful is money. There is a maximum of 10 000 Euro per person allowed in/out without declaration, be careful to allow for varying exchange rates if you are going to be very close to the maximum.                                               

*If you decide to stay in a Hotel they will ask for your passports when they give you your room keys.The passport(s) will be returned to you typically within 2- 12 hours.