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Banks & Money

The Bulgarian official currency is the Leva and the Stotinki ( approximately 2.3 Leva to the UK pound). Try to exchange your money in the cities ( Burgas, Varna ). The exchange rates will be higher. Some exchange bureaus are not loyal. Try to exchange your money in a bank. You can see some banks and addresses as follows:
Central Cooperative Bank – address 23“ Struma str”, Nessebar, Raiffeizen Bank - 3“Priboina str”, Nessebar or in Sunny Beach within hotel “Diamond”, Bulbank – 38 ”Han Krum str” and “Edelvais str” in the Municipality building,Nessebar, Post Bank- 11 “Han Krum str”, Nessebar, First Investment bank and  other banks. If you often visit the country and want to open a bank account, it is possible. The best way is to apply in the bank for a debit card account (Visa Electron or Maestro). This type of account has the following advantages:
-    Direct debits possible;
-    A limit on how much money can be withdrawn in your absence;
-    Can be used at the ATM machines;
-    You can take your card back home with your living the account open for use the following year;
-    A card has a two year expiry date.